Sheerness Recycling (Hythe) Ltd

A remediation project at West Hythe in Kent where up to 1200 new homes will be built

The Site

The development site, to be known as Martello Lakes, is situated adjacent to Dymchurch Road, Hythe, Kent. The site consists of circa 40 hectares, and includes a 15.5 hectare lake which will be enhanced for leisure facilities, with the remaining 24.5 hectares providing residential development and 6 hectares of employment land together with a local centre including community facilities and shops.

Sheerness - SRH Martello Plan

Remediation Works

The site is a former sand and gravel quarry. Preparation for residential development involves the raising of existing levels by the importation of inert fill materials and surcharging to make the ground suitable for infrastructure and development. The development of the site will be undertaken in distinct phases and remediation works, which started in 2014 are well underway and such works in respect of phase 1 will be completed shortly.

Our Role

Sheerness Recycling Ltd is undertaking all of the remediation works for the entire site. The work will requires approx 1.15 million cubic metres of inert soils to be imported and engineered over a 10 year period, to produce a working area on which up to 1200 new homes will be built.

Sheerness - SRH

Associated Companies

BGSP Lime Logistics Santander Salt

Our Services

Some of the services we offer:

  • Supply a range of crushed concrete products, recycled aggregates and soils including: type 1 hardcore, type 1 sub base, type 2 hardcore, 6f2 material, and more.
  • Tipping facilities for a range of demolition hardcore and utility arisings.
  • Waste management solutions including removal of contaminated soils.
  • Transport through Lime Logistics.

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