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Our Products

Our Products

Sheerness Recycling Ltd, by virtue of operating it’s own recycling depots around Kent, is able to produce and deliver a range recycled aggregate and soil products to construction and building projects in the South East.

These products are produced to the WRAP protocol and as recognised by BS EN standards and the Specification for Highway Works (SHW), recycled aggregates can be used in the same way as many traditional aggregates. Types of recycled aggregates include: type 1 hardcore, type 1 sub base, type 2 hardcore, 6f2 material, asphalts and others.

In addition to this, Sheerness Recycling Ltd are also able to offer a range of other materials including primary aggregates, soils and clays to meet varying construction needs. The products supplied will, where applicable, conform to relevant British Standards (BS EN) and Specification for Highway Works (SHW).

The products are as follows:

Asphalt Planings

For use as hardcore for temporary roadways and sub-base.

6F4 Recycled (Formerly 6F1 Recycled)

Finer Capping Layer used in the same applications as 6F5 but with a finer grading. Generally 50mm to dust and evenly graded.

Certificated Topsoil

Complying with BS3882 and CLEA limits on heavy metals and hydrocarbons. Used in a variety of planting and landscaping applications due to its loamy, water retentive nature. The soil is commonly used to build up flower borders or create new beds.

General Purpose Soils

General purpose topsoil that has been screened to remove larger particles. Screened top soil is suitable for turf laying and garden borders.

Type 1 Granite/Limestone

Type 1 must be of a crushed nature to provide a stable sub-base for road surfaces and pathways. The mixture of solids and fines ensures minimal voids in the sub-base material when compacted, giving a strong load bearing layer with a suitably flat surface.

Type 1 IBAA Eco blend

Blended IBAA Aggregate with Type 1 Granite at a 1:5 ratio to achieve a more sustainable but similar performing product to our Primary Type 1.
IBA Aggregate is created by processing residues from the thermal treatment of household and commercial wastes. A key part of the circular economy, delivering significant environmental and economic benefits over quarried aggregates.
Accepted for use by the Environment Agency, the Highways Agency and many authorities, it is to be used in accordance with RPS247 and is more consistent than recycled material. It has pozzolanic (cement-like) properties and its CBR results are favourable to primary material. See download link for more information.

Fill (Reject, Bedding) Sand

A fine grade as dug sand. Typical use as a trench fill in utility works. Produced at our own quarry.

10mm Gravel (Shingle)

A mixture of rounded and angular gravel, varying in colour and shape dependent on source. Used in construction and domestic applications such as footpaths, pipe bedding, drainage, planting borders and hard landscaping.

20mm Gravel (Shingle)

An effective driveway gravel also used for footpaths, pipe bedding, drainage, planting borders, hard landscaping and as a low maintenance alternative to grass. It can also vary in colour and shape dependent on source.

0/20mm All in Ballast

A mixture of Sharp Sand and 20mm gravel for use in standard concrete mixes. Widely used in construction and domestic applications. 20mm Ballast is not suitable for drainage due to its high fines content.

Sharp Washed Sand

Sourced from sand & gravel pits and wharves and generally varying in colour from yellow to brown dependent on the source of supply.Nominally 0-4mm in size.

Dry Screened Building Sand

BS EN 13139, also known as soft sand due to its fine rounded particles. Typical use is for the production of mortar for bricklaying and block work. Produced at our own quarry.

Recycled Products

Recycled aggregates come with many benefits, using them can help the environment by reducing carbon emissions, they can negate the impact of procuring virgin materials, they can be produced at a discounted price and much more. A great sustainable option for any project.

Eco 4-10mm Recycled Aggregate

Can be used in similar applications as their primary counterpart. Steering more towards drainage and physical applications.

Eco 10-20mm Recycled Aggregate

Can be used in similar applications as their primary counterpart. Steering more towards drainage and physical applications. Greater drainage properties over smaller aggregate.

Eco 20-40mm Recycled Aggregate

Can be used in similar applications as their primary counterpart. Steering more towards drainage and physical applications. Best option for drainage (as well as Crushed 50-75mm Concrete).

Eco Sharp Sand

Sharp sand is a versatile building material and is commonly mixed with cement to make concrete, screeds, renders, and as a base for pavements, slabs, driveways, and artificial grass. It is also used when gardening to create good potting soil, loosen clay soil, improve lawn drainage, and to dress lawns.

Eco Reject Sand

Reject sand is ideally used for coverage of pipes, electrical cables or other potential hazards associated with incoming services. It is often referred to as fill sand as it acts as a cost effective filling material.

Eco Ballast

A mix of our Eco Sharp Sand, Eco 10mm and Eco 20mm. This can be tailored to any grading desired. Commonly used in mixing concrete. Can also be used for bedding drainage pipes and as a sub base.

Type 1 Recycled Aggregate

Crushed, screened materials produced by our state of the art recycling plants, situated across Kent.

6F5 Recycled (Formerly 6F2 Recycled)

Typically used for capping sub formations prior to laying Type 1 or Type 2 sub-base. Well graded material ranging from 125mm to dust.

50-75mm Crushed Concrete

This type of Crushed Concrete in mainly used as a sub-base or drainage layer where the presence of fines is un-desirable. Great for soakaways.

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Our Services

Some of the services we offer:

  • Supply a range of crushed concrete products, recycled aggregates and soils including: type 1 hardcore, type 1 sub base, type 2 hardcore, 6f2 material, and more.
  • Tipping facilities for a range of demolition hardcore and utility arisings.
  • Waste management solutions including removal of contaminated soils.
  • Transport through Lime Logistics.

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