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Waste Management Solutions

Sheerness Recycling Ltd, in conjunction with its associated company Lime Logistics Ltd is able to offer a bespoke South East wide collection service for a range of waste products including:

• Inert soil and stones, types include type 1 hardcore, type 1 sub base, 6f2 material and type2 hardcore
• Concrete and brick
• Asphalt
• Utility trenching arisings
• Contaminated soil

In addition to this service, with our waste management solutions customers are also able to tip waste products at a number of waste segregating and recycling facilities located at Borough Green, Tonbridge, Sittingbourne, Swanscombe, Baxley and West Hythe.

Sheerness Recycling Ltd recycles more than 80% of all of the construction waste it handles. More than 100,000 tonnes of these materials, including certificated sub-base, bulk fill and manufactured topsoil, are supplied to customers throughout Kent each year.

This integrated approach to construction enables our customers to significantly improve the sustainability of their operations.


Inert Landraise Operation

Sheerness Recycling (Hythe) Ltd operates a land raising project located at West Hythe in Kent.

For more information, please visit the SRH page.



Sheerness Recycling Ltd prides itself on being able to supply our customers a range of recycled aggregate and soil products in a sustainable manner. These materials are produced either by our in-house production facilities or through a chain of approved third party suppliers.

In addition to this, Sheerness Recycling Ltd are also able to offer a range of other materials including primary aggregates, soils and clays to meet varying construction needs.

The range of aggregates includes:

• Crushed Concrete (Type 1, 75mm to dust, 125mm to dust, 75-50mm no fines)
• Asphalt planings
• Soils
• Type 1 granite/limestone
• Fill sand
• Sands & Gravels
• Building sand

For more detail, please visit the ‘Our Products’ page.

Associated Companies

BGSP Lime Logistics Santander Salt

Our Services

Some of the services we offer:

  • Supply a range of crushed concrete products, recycled aggregates and soils including: type 1 hardcore, type 1 sub base, type 2 hardcore, 6f2 material, and more.
  • Tipping facilities for a range of demolition hardcore and utility arisings.
  • Waste management solutions including removal of contaminated soils.
  • Transport through Lime Logistics.

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